tool patch

For a friend’s favorite work jeans = a use for the silly power tool print! Large patches stitched behind both knees, the one that was already torn through got additional tools fused on.


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felted mohair vest upcycle

Found a lovely handwoven Irish mohair throw at the Thrift that someone had probably machine washed, causing it to felt. The colors are great and the fabric feels wonderful, with an intriguing bumpy texture.

I debated for ages what to do with it and finally settled on a long vest as a birthday gift. It was a bit too narrow to go over hips, so I knit inserts from some stash yarn. Deciding on closures took forever. Nothing suitable in the button stash. Hooks didn’t stay shut. Finally found these unusual buttons at a fabric store. Perfect.

I loved hand-stitching the seams and edges, it’s so soothing and satisfying.

feltvestpieces feltvestfront feltvestback feltvestbuttons feltvestseam

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felt flower brooch

feltflower brooch

Finally, for the new year, some “making”….leftover felted and unfelted wool trimmings, random beads, a tiny bit of roving…loosening up the rusty creative gears.

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for solace

My contribution to India Flint’s wonderful Solace project ( penon-solaceproject

Salvaging a pillowcase from a grandmother’s dowry, dated 1922, with hand-crocheted lace insets. The inset background is dyed with turmeric, a quick amateurish attempt. It will probably fade immediately, but the boldness of the yellow made me very happy.

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koala burn mittens (updated)

After seeing the heart-breaking images of koalas with burn injuries from the Australian bushfires, when I heard about the call to make mittens to cover their burned paws I had to participate. 16 pairs of mittens sent off to Australia this afternoon. Heal quickly little guys!koalamittens

Read about it here, with a link in the article to the mitten pattern.

Update, 1/12: IFAW has received enough mittens to last through the fire season. You can still help koalas rescued from bushfires by supporting IFAW through donations and spreading the word about their good work!

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2 pot cosy


A gift for a friend to fit over 2 extremely different pots – a tall thin coffee pot and a short fat tea pot. The colors were chosen to coordinate with the kitchen decor.

Body is a felted sweater with needle-felted roving, embroidery, and a silly tassel. Lining is cotton, with a layer of batting for insulation.

aw-cosyback aw-cosyfront aw-cosyside2 aw-cosyside1 aw-cosyinside

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handspun headwear

Bought a beautiful (looking) skein of handspun wool thinking I’d make a cowl. Things didn’t work out. It wasn’t nearly enough, and while the skein looked beautiful, it was not really great for knitting, being under and overspun. In a fit of craziness I decided to make it a hat. For days when only wacky headwear will do.

handspunhat-backhandspunhat-right handspunhat-left handspunhat-front

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catnip fish

A fun and fast gift for a friend’s kitties. I received a video of the reactions! So I made one for mine and it was snubbed. Felted sweaters and random embroidery floss, stuffed with vintage polyfill and organic catnip.catnip fish

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more hole chasing

The second of the friend’s much-loved thrift shop sweaters that had been used as meals by the moths. This time mended with needle-felted roving; much quicker and easier than the thread used previously, especially since this piece had more and larger holes.

(I don’t do the washing and pressing—just the mending!)needle-felt overall


needle-felt detail3

needle-felt detail1

needle-felt detail2

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begone holes

A friend’s beloved thrift shop find was munched by moths. I mended the holes, then covered them with Japanese Banku thread. For the bottom squiggle I was able to needle-felt the thread into place, but it would not stay attached for the top two…so I couched all of them.

(Apologies for the image quality – it was a gray day and getting late. And the top is actually an olivey green, just paler than the thread.)

EFtopoverall EFtopembellishdetails

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