wool stash home

Found a cheap old trunk at a thrift store and made a new home for my wool stash, getting it out of the paper/jewelry crafting space. Since the trunk really is “cheap” I just cleaned the outside and am going to braid new handles for it (as soon as I learn how!), but the inside had to be redone to get rid of the grime and mustiness. I learned that the smell is usually in the paper and the glue on the inside, so that was remove (fairly easily) with a vinegar-water solution and some scraping with a putty knife. Then it was scrubbed down to remove glue residue and spent a couple more days out on the screen porch getting air and some sun. Spray primer and painting with a mix of (leftover) exterior latex house paint = stash storage!







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Graphic designer by day, collage artist and crafter whenever possible, pisstkitty all the time.
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One Response to wool stash home

  1. Heidi says:

    This turned out wonderful. I would never attempt such a project. You did again an excellent job

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