2 pot cosy


A gift for a friend to fit over 2 extremely different pots – a tall thin coffee pot and a short fat tea pot. The colors were chosen to coordinate with the kitchen decor.

Body is a felted sweater with needle-felted roving, embroidery, and a silly tassel. Lining is cotton, with a layer of batting for insulation.

aw-cosyback aw-cosyfront aw-cosyside2 aw-cosyside1 aw-cosyinside


About pisstkitty

Graphic designer by day, collage artist and crafter whenever possible, pisstkitty all the time.
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One Response to 2 pot cosy

  1. MissPissWetty says:

    Can you imagine – we love it. Dick & Dünn. The proud and happy owners!

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