handspun headwear

Bought a beautiful (looking) skein of handspun wool thinking I’d make a cowl. Things didn’t work out. It wasn’t nearly enough, and while the skein looked beautiful, it was not really great for knitting, being under and overspun. In a fit of craziness I decided to make it a hat. For days when only wacky headwear will do.

handspunhat-backhandspunhat-right handspunhat-left handspunhat-front


About pisstkitty

Graphic designer by day, collage artist and crafter whenever possible, pisstkitty all the time.
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3 Responses to handspun headwear

  1. Heather says:

    That was all one skein? Wow! I do wonder sometimes when I see mad handspun with dangly Christmas baubles or decapitated doll’s heads… what is this supposed to be used for? Clearly: wacky headgear. Well done for making something out of it!

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