needle case

I have accumulated dozens of packages of needles over time, sometimes for specific needs, sometimes because the package is vintage and wonderful. My go-to package was in dire straits. Inspired by Local and Bespoke’s needle case (, I made one of my own. needlescuffsneedlecase insideneedlecase outsideneedlecase finished

Cuffs cut off from another project in the works, some scrap fabric and embroidery floss from my ludicrously large stash….I have no idea what that stitch on the outside is, I made it up as I was going along to cover and add strength to the join of the 2 cuffs. I’m calling it “tiddly corset” stitch.




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Graphic designer by day, collage artist and crafter whenever possible, pisstkitty all the time.
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2 Responses to needle case

  1. MissPissWetty says:

    Total witzig!

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