Guardian cat, saved

guardcatpillowA favorite worn out tshirt, mistreated by the cats, turned into a pillow cover.

I mean, who doesn’t need a guardian cat?


The kitties’ little love holes, mended. Details of the edging and handseaming.
I love sewing tiny stitches by hand.


About pisstkitty

Graphic designer by day, collage artist and crafter whenever possible, pisstkitty all the time.
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4 Responses to Guardian cat, saved

  1. ngehman says:

    That is a very cool pillow! Love it and the edge stitching.

  2. mazzaus says:

    Cute as a button! Your blog name has never once shown up on my blog… now I know what Koamist is!

    • pisstkitty says:

      this is new for me, putting my crafty things out in the world…and I feel a bit shy about it…but sometimes these take up my time, and sometimes it’s back to pisstkitty collages. Pisstkitty is my gravatar for both.

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